If you are selling your home:

       A last-minute house inspection, ordered by the buyer, may reveal problems that delay the closing or even cancel the sale of your home. Their inspector may report faulty wiring or missing hurricane straps. The buyer may want out, even if you offer to make all the necessary repairs. If you know beforehand about any defects, you can attend to them or inform the buyers. A professional inspection report may protect you from liability. By disclosing adverse conditions you decide not to repair, you avoid future non-disclosure claims. Having reassuring written evidence that your house is sound, while saving the buyers a few hundred dollars on an inspection, may tilt them in your direction. If buyers are interested in your home but skeptical of your inspection report, feel confident to encourage them to hire their own company. 

Why wait to rely on a house inspection from a potential buyer to tell you what to do with your home? Take control of your investment and expedite your sale. Eliminate secondary negotiations. The marketability of your home could be substantially increased, while maximizing your sale price! 


If your home came with a one year warranty:

        Be sure to mark the date your warranty expires. Have your home inspected in advance - while it is still the builders' responsibility. There may be repairs or replacements needed that you are not even aware of - yet. 

If your insurance company requires an inspection:

        If you own an older home or are east of interstate 95, at some point when your homeowners insurance comes up for renewal, you will be notified that you must have certain elements of your property inspected and a written report submitted. It's a simple and inexpensive inspection. Don't neglect it. Your homeowners insurance will be cancelled if you don't submit the inspection report 

        If your insurance company is not allowing you a discount for hurricane shutters and you do have them, it may be because they require a written inspection as documentation. This is simple and inexpensive to do and will save you money every year that you have the policy. 

        Another insurance discount often available is for wind storm protection. This also requires a written report, is inexpensive and will save you money annually.

Preparing for the home inspection.